Recent Announcements

2/19   The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Crystallization-Study of Leviticus, Week 2 – Taking Christ as the Burnt Offering for God’s Satisfaction and Expression.

2/21   Corporate Prayer Meeting at the Meeting Hall, 8 pm.

2/24-25   God-ordained Way Fellowship – There will be fellowship concerning the Vital Groups and Homes from some visiting brothers from Austin. Two meetings are scheduled at 7 PM Saturday, Feb. 24 and after the Lord’s Table on Feb. 25. We encourage all saints to attend these times.

2/25   Combined Lord’s Table and Love Feast – The churches in Fairfax and DC will be joining us for the Lord’s Table and God-Ordained Way Fellowship. There will be a love feast following the meeting. Please bring enough food for your family plus 2-3 others. Parking will be limited so please carpool as much as possible.



• New Testament: Acts 14:6 – 17:18
• Life-study of Romans: Message 43


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