April 1, 2012 Announcements

4/1     TODAY – Meeting for the New York YP Conference – There will be a meeting for all YP attending the NY Conference and their parents in the YP room after the prophesying meetings on 4/1.

4/2     The Holy Word for Morning RevivalThe Crystallization Study of the Psalms, Volume 4: Week 21, The Preciousness of Zion and Jerusalem and the Situation of the Overcomers in Zion.

4/4     Prayer meeting in the homes, 8 pm.      

4/7     Saturday Morning Service: Cleaning, Gardening and Maintenance – Service Group A (District 1 and 2 saints with last names A-H).  Please meet at 9:30 a.m. for corporate prayer and fellowship before cleaning the hall. Please note that all saints are welcome to come each Saturday.

4/29     Celebration of the resumption of the Lord’s table in Washington, DC.  To celebrate the resumption of the Lord’s table in Washington, DC, we will have a corporate Lord’s day meeting at Grand Hyatt Washington, 1000 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001.  The meeting will be held 9:30AM-12:30PM at Independence Ballroom (at level 5B).  An invitation letter has been sent out to invite saints of the churches along the East Coast to also participate.  For the prophesying time, we will review Message 18, The Highest Revelation of Christ, Crystallization-Study of the Psalms, Volume 3.  A box lunch will be provided for everyone outside the hotel after the meeting.  We hope small groups of saints will eat, fellowship, share the gospel, sightsee, etc. in nearby areas.  The hotel lobby is directly accessible from the “Metro Center” Metro stop.  The onsite underground garage (entrance on 10th St) costs $17 for up to 12 hours and $32 for up to 24 hours.  Other nearby garages and limited free on-street parking are also available.  Normal children service will be provided onsite.  There will be no meeting at Dunn Loring on 4/29.

5/25-5/28     International Memorial Day Conference – The International Memorial Day Conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue Hotel in Bellevue, Washington from 5/25 through 5/28.  Please see the service office for further details if you are planning on attending. 

Need for a car in Charlottesville — The campus team in Charlottesville is in need for a car.  If you have one that you would like to donate and is in reasonably good shape, please contact brother Paul Niesen at (512) 925-0776.



Agresividad apropiada que requieren los que sirven al senor, La (SPANISH) – $6.75
The Vision, Ministry, and Leading of the Lord’s Serving Ones – $6.00
Service for the Building of the Church (TRADITIONAL CHINESE) – $7.50

The next HWMR – The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery is available for pre-ordering online or at the book room.  Deadline is April 15, 2012.  If you previously pre-ordered a HWMR, you can view your order online and there is no need for you to process a subsequent pre-order request.


Hymns #1-1348 (Small, words only) – $20.00
The Service for Building Up the House of God – $12.25