April 17, 2022 Announcements

4/18 – The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Crystallization-study of 1 and 2 Samuel, Week 1 – The Central Thought of and the Divine Trinity as Revealed in 1 and 2 Samuel.

4/20 – Online Prayer Meeting, 8:00 PM

4/24 – In-Person Lord’s Day Meetings at the Meeting Hall – English and Spanish-speaking saints (Main Hall) are scheduled to meet in person. Zoom will still be available for those that cannot attend in person.

Recordings of Mid-Atlantic Blending Conference – Recordings of the Mid-Atlantic Blending Conference are available at: https://machurches.org/recordings

2022 July Semiannual Training Registration – The 2022 Summer Training will be conducted as a video training in Dunn Loring in-person only. The 12 messages will take place over 2 weeks, from July 5 to July 17. The registration deadline is Lord’s Day, May 8, 2022, and the fee is $125. There will be no late registration for this time. Details regarding the schedule and registration are available at: https://churchindunnloring.org/2022-summer-training

2022 Summer Bible Camp (6/27-7/1) – The Summer Bible Camp will be held June 27 – July 1, 2022. More details and a registration link are forthcoming. 

Church in Atlanta – There is a financial need to help restore and expand the Church in Atlanta meeting hall after it suffered major damage from arson. If you feel led by the Lord to contribute, you can designate your offerings for “Church in Atlanta.”

Financial Need for Meeting Hall Maintenance – There is a continued financial need for the Dunn Loring meeting hall maintenance. If you feel led by the Lord to contribute, you can designate your offerings for “Building Fund.”

Financial Statements  The monthly financial statements of the church are available upon request. If you would like to view the statements, please contact churchindunnloring@gmail.com.

Offerings – Details for how to give offerings (electronically or by check) can be found at: https://churchindunnloring.org/offerings.

Online Remote Meetings – Please visit: https://churchindunnloring.org/online-meetings for details on how to access remote meeting information for Lord’s Day meetings, prayer meetings, and small group meetings.


Next Morning Revival Books – The next two (2) books of HWMR will be “Crystallization-study of 1 and 2 Samuel, Two Volume Set for 12-week messages”. For links to purchase electronic copies, please visit: https://churchindunnloring.org/hwmr.

Church Reading Schedule, “How to Meet” – We are covering the book, ‘How to Meet’. Please visit https://churchindunnloring.org/how-to-meet for links to purchase electronic copies.


  • New York City Young People CD Song Tape: Title: Watch, Be Ready! – $13 per copy