August 19, 2012 Announcements

TODAY    The following small groups will be cleaning the hall after the meeting this morning: The Vienna and Mc Lean Chinese-speaking and Woodbridge English-speaking small groups.

8/20         The Holy Word for Morning RevivalCrystallization-Study of the Minor Prophets, Week 3, Three Implications Concerning Christ.

8/22         Prayer Meeting in the homes, 8 pm.

8/26         Cleaning the hall after the Lord’s Day meeting – The Fairfax City small groups (Lao’s and Tripp’s) and the Spanish-speaking small group (Reed’s) will be responsible for cleaning next week.

Distribution of Recovery Version Bibles at the Summer Paralympics in London – Please visit the website: to find out how you can participate in the distribution of Recovery Version Bibles at the Summer Paralympics in London through praying, giving, or going.


Just Arrived:

  • Vision, Type, and Practice of the Building of the Church (TRADITIONAL CHINESE) – $9.75
  • Extractos de los mensajes del entrenamiento – Estudio de cristalizacion de los Profetas Menores, verano 2012 (SPANISH) – $12.25
  • Service for the Building Up of the Church – $6.75
  • HWMR – The Crystallization-Study of the Minor Prophets, Vol.1, is available for purchase for those saints who ordered.  For Chinese, please go to the book room behind the service office.  English, Korean, and Spanish can be purchased at the regular book room.  Cost for this publication is $6.00.  (DC saints can pick up their HWMR at Key Elementary School.)
  • Ministry of the Word (Summer Training 2012 – Crystallization-Study of the Minor Prophets) – $10.00
  • The Comfort Abounds – (NYCYPCD – Songs) $10.00
  • I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord! – (NYCYPCD – Songs) $8.00

 Also Available:

  • The Operation of God and the Anointing – $6.75
  • El Terreno de la iglesia y el servicio en el cuerpo – $8.00 (Spanish)
  • Contacting The Lord, Being Filled in Spirit, and Having Proper Christian Meetings For The Accomplishment of God’s Eternal Purpose – $4.00
  • Hymns#1-1348 (Large, words only) – $25.00