August 28, 2016 Announcements

8/29   The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Crystallization-Study of Exodus Vol. 7, Week 38 – Knowing God and His Ways.

8/29   Life-study Reading Schedule – Life-study of Romans, Messages 3 and 4.

8/31   Prayer Meetings in the homes, 7:45 pm.

9/3   No Corporate Morning Revival due to the Labor Day Conference held in Beltsville.

9/4   No Lord’s Day Meeting in Dunn Loring – Due to the Labor Day Conference, we will not have a Lord’s Day Meeting in Dunn Loring on 9/4. We encourage all saints to attend the Lord’s Day Meeting in Beltsville.

Mid-Atlantic Labor Day Conference (9/2-4) – The 2016 Mid-Atlantic Labor Day Conference will be held on September 2-4, 2016 at the meeting hall of the Church in Beltsville, located at 4417 Briggs Chaney Road, Beltsville, MD. Additional details are available on the bulletin board and at the Service Office. Below is the meeting schedule:

Message 1 – Friday, September 2, 8 PM
Message 2 – Saturday, September 3, 10 AM
Special Fellowship regarding the campus work – Saturday, September 3, 5 PM
All college students, serving ones, and community saints currently, or interested in, serving with the campus work are encouraged to attend. High school juniors and seniors are also welcome to come. There will be no children’s service during this time and no dinner will be provided after the special fellowship.
Message 3 – Saturday, September 3, 7 PM
Lord’s Table – Lord’s Day, September 4, 9:30 AM
Message 4 – Lord’s Day, September 4, 10 AM

Ground-Taking Celebration Meeting of the Church in Fairfax (9/25) – We thank the Lord for establishing His shining testimony in Fairfax, Virginia. All the saints in Dunn Loring are invited to a corporate Lord’s Table, September 25, 2016, 10 AM-12 PM, at “Waterford at Fair Oaks Mall”, located at 12025 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, Fairfax, VA 22033. Children service for toddlers to 5th grade will be provided onsite. A nursery room for mothers and babies will also be available onsite.

HWMR for Israel – Please donate your HWMR (Increase of Christ for the Building Up of the Church) for Israel at the Service Office.

Registration for the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Working Saints and Families Retreat at Camp Wabanna in Edgewater, MD (11/19-20) – Please, visit for more information and to register. Cost is $50 for adults (13 and up), $25 for children 5-12, children 4 and under are free.

Giving for the UK Building Fund – There is a financial need for the purchase of Bower Farm, for the construction of new facilities at Bower House, Bower Farm, and Woodland Camp. If you are led by the Lord to contribute, you can designate your checks for “UK Building Fund”.

Giving to support the gospel work in Europe – Those that are led to give to support the gospel work in Europe can designate checks for “Gospel Work in Europe”.


HWMR, Crystallization-Study of Exodus Vol. 7, is now available for purchase.
Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), English and Spanish versions are available at the book room. Korean-speaking saints can purchase in their respective location. Cost for this publication: $6.00

The Life-Study of Romans is available in soft bound through the Living Stream Ministry Retail Books ( You could also prepay and order through the book room.

The Ministry of the Word (Periodical 2016 Summer Training) – $13.00
The Character of the Lord’s Worker – $11.00
2016 – 2017 Church Addresses – $5.00
Guidelines for the Lord’s Table Meeting and the Pursuit in Life – $7.50