January 13, 2013 Announcements

TODAY      The following small groups will be cleaning the hall after the meeting this morning: The Alexandria and Centreville/Manassas English-speaking and all Korean-speaking small groups.

1/14      The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Prayer and the Lord’s Move, Week 5, Be One with the Triune God in the Move of the Great Wheel of His Economy.

1/16      Prayer Meeting at the hall, 8 PM.

1/20      Cleaning the hall after the Lord’s Day meeting – The Burke and Centreville Chinese-speaking and Springfield English-speaking small groups will be responsible for cleaning next week.

1/20      Sign-up Deadline for the next HWMR – Sign-up form for Crystallization Study of Daniel and Zechariah, 2012 Winter Training, is now available at www.churchindunnloring.org or in the bookroom. Deadline to make changes or be added to the form is January 20, 2013.

1/27      Annual Business Meeting, 11 AM – In compliance with the law of the State of Virginia, the church will be holding its annual business meeting on January 27, 2013.

Meeting Hall in Yerevan, Armenia – Two matters to pray for: 1) Remodeling and Building of the Hall – both Ray Graver and Phil Delp are reviewing the long term possibilities for construction this weekend; 2) Current Financial Need – There is still the need for about $24,000 to secure the “third piece”. Plus, there will be the ongoing need when remodeling and construction begins. In fellowship with the coworkers we are asking about 10 localities in the Mid-Atlantic area and a few in Southern CA to pick up this need for giving. We trust the saints in these localities will bear this matter before the Lord. It would be wonderful if all the localities would give as much as possible by the end of the year.



The Precious Blood of Christ – $1.20
Serving in the Flows of the Age – $6.00
HWMR – Prayer and the Lord’s Move: – now available. Saints can pick up at the bookroom. – $6.00
The Meaning and Purpose of Prayer (Traditional Chinese) – $6.00
Service According to Revelation (Traditiolnal Chinese) – $7.50
The Vision, Type, and Practice of the Building Up of the Church – $8.50
Cuato elementos cruciales de la Bibla; Cristo, el Espiritu, la vida y la iglesia, Los (Spanish) – $7.50