January 27, 2013 Announcements


1/27    The following small groups will be cleaning the hall after the meeting this morning: The Fairfax English-speaking and Chinese-speaking and Centreville English-speaking small groups will be responsible for cleaning.

1/27    The next HWMR, Crystallization Study of Daniel and Zechariah is now available for those saints who ordered. Books can be picked up at the Dunn Loring book room. For the saints in DC, books are available at the school.

1/28        The Holy Word for Morning Revival Crystallization-Study of Daniel and Zechariah, Week 1, The Rule of the Heavens, the Economy of God, and the Excellent Christ as the Precious and Preeminent One in God’s Move.

1/30         Prayer Meeting in the homes, 8 PM. 

2/2           Cleaning the hall after the Lord’s Day meeting – Cleaning the hall after the Lord’s Day meeting – The Vienna and McLean Chinese-speaking and Woodbridge English-speaking small groups will be responsible for cleaning next week.

2/3           Coordination meeting for ushering brothers and bread-making sisters – There will be a coordination meeting for all ushers and sisters serving on the Lord’s Table Service at 12:30 pm. This includes all new ushers and serving sisters not yet on the schedule. The meeting will be in the young people’s meeting room in the fellowship hall.

5/9-11       Internaional blending conference in Israel – There will be an international blending conference in Israel from May 9-11. Please see the service office for details. There will also be a tour of Israel, including the conference, during the following times:

May 2-12 Chinese-speaking, English-speaking, or Spanish-speaking

May 7-15 Russian-speaking

May 12-17 Additional tour of Jordan (English-speaking only)

Meeting Hall in Yerevan, Armenia Praise the Lord for His provision in the churches.  The brothers in Yerevan secured the “third piece” for their meeting hall before December 31, 2012.  There was even some money left over for them to begin remodeling one of the buildings for their use.  They will be able to use the house for the care of the young people.  Thank you Lord for Your faithfulness through the saints giving!



The Ministry of the Word (2012 Winter Training) – $13.50

The Precious Blood of Christ – $1.20

Serving in the Flows of the Age – $6.00

The Meaning and Purpose of Prayer (Traditional Chinese) – $6.00
Service According to Revelation (Traditional Chinese) – $7.50
The Vision, Type, and Practice of the Building Up of the Church – $8.50
Cuatro elementos cruciales de la Bibla; Cristo, el Espiritu, la vida y la iglesia, Los (Spanish) – $7.50



Wesley Bishop’s address is posted on the bulletin board. He would appreciate words of encouragement.