July 12, 2020 Announcements

7/13         The Holy Word for Morning Revival – A Timely Word Concerning the World Situation and the Lord’s Recovery, Week 2 – Seeing a Vision of the Throne of God, the Spiritual Scene behind the World Situation, and Christ as the Center of God’s Administration.

7/15         Remote Prayer Meeting by Small Groups, 8:00 PM

Meeting Hall in Washington DC – The church in Washington DC has signed a purchase agreement for a meeting hall. The total cost, including renovations will be about $3.9M. They currently have $1.6M in their building fund, expect a further $400K in contributions and bridge loans from local saints, leaving $1.9M still needed. If you are burdened to contribute, you can designate your offerings to “DC Meeting Hall” or you can offer to them directly by following the instructions in the email sent out: https://mailchi.mp/151634331172/dcmh. They would appreciate contributions by July 31, but remain open afterthat date as your situation allows.

Online Remote Meetings – Please visit: https://churchindunnloring.org/online-meetings for details on how to access remote meeting information for Lord’s Day meetings, prayer meetings, and small group meetings.

Offerings –Details for how to give offerings (electronically or by check) can be found at: https://churchindunnloring.org/offerings


Next HWMR –The next morning revival will be HWMR – A Timely Word concerning the World Situation and the Lord’s Recovery which was the Memorial Day Conference. Please visit http://churchindunnloring.org/hwmr for direct links to purchase the electronic versions.

Next Life-study –The next Life-study we will cover for the church corporate reading will be the Life-study of Colossians. Electronic copies can be purchased in your device’s respective app/book stores. Physical copies can be purchased from https://livingstream.com