July 25, 2021 Announcements

7/26 – The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Knowing the Truth, Being Absolute for the Truth, and Proclaiming the Truth in the Present Evil Age, Week 2 – Being Sanctified by the Truth to Move out of Ourselves and into the Triune God for the Genuine Oneness. Links to purchase electronic versions are available at: https://churchindunnloring.org/hwmr

7/28 – Online Prayer Meeting, 8:00 PM

8/1 – Corporate Lord’s Day Meeting

2021 Summer School of Truth (8/4-7) – Summer School of Truth will be held in person and online from August 4-7. Further details are available at https://sst.mayp.org. There will be a meeting for all parents and serving ones on July 29 at 7:30 PM. Zoom information will be sent out later this week. Please fill out the Participation Form to indicate whether your young people are participating in person or virtually (https://forms.gle/Y1kgdFKCtdNNpgiM7) by August 1.

Financial Need for Meeting Hall Maintenance – There is a continued financial need for meeting hall maintenance. If you feel led by the Lord to contribute, you can designate your offerings for “Building Fund.”

Financial Statements  The monthly financial statements of the church are available upon request. If you would like to view the statements, please contact churchindunnloring@gmail.com.

Online Remote Meetings – Please visit: https://churchindunnloring.org/online-meetings for details on how to access remote meeting information for Lord’s Day meetings, prayer meetings, and small group meetings.

Offerings – Details for how to give offerings (electronically or by check) can be found at: https://churchindunnloring.org/offerings