Learning to Depend on the Lord

Growing up in the church life, Christ has guided me and helped me through many problems at school, issues with my family, situations with friends, and many other life experiences.  I am very independent and enjoy making my own choices, so learning how to depend on Christ has been and still is a long process.  But I have learned that I need Christ to go on.  Without Him, I am nothing.  I know that if I trust in Him and give my decisions to the Lord, He will work out everything in the end.

Praying to the Lord and spending personal time with Him has helped me so much in my daily life.  The Lord is my best and most faithful friend.  He will always be there for me and will never turn on me no matter what I do.  He is so wonderful and sweet!  I hope to continue walking with the Lord until I am one with Him. Praise Him!  He has become my reality!