March 10, 2013 Announcements

TODAY:   The following small groups will be cleaning the hall after the meeting this morning: The Fairfax English-speaking and Chinese-speaking and Centreville English-speaking small groups.

3/11         The Holy Word for Morning Revival Crystallization-Study of Daniel and Zechariah, Week 7, Christ as Everything for the Building of the Temple of God.

3/13         Prayer meeting in the homes.

3/17         Cleaning the hall after the Lord’s Day meeting: The Vienna Chinese-speaking, McLean Chinese-speaking, and Woodbridge English-speaking small groups.

Boston Training Center – There is an urgent need for offerings to complete the building project for the FTTA Extension Facility in Boston in time for the Fall 2013 term. Information sheets along with pledge forms are available at the Service Office. Please indicate the amount you can pledge and put it in the offering box.

Meeting Hall in Arlington, Texas – Hallelujah, Christ is Victor!  The City of Arlington, TX has granted to the church their occupancy permit as of March 7, 2013.  They will be meeting in their new hall beginning March 10, 2013.



 HWMR – Crystallization-Study of Daniel and Zechariah, Vol. 2 is now available for pickup.  English/Spanish/Korean versions are available in the book room of the main hall, and the Chinese version is available for pickup in the fellowship hall.

Cristo y la iglesia revelados y tipificados en los Salmos (Spanish) – $11.25
Redemption in God’s Plan – $8.25
Christ and the Cross (Traditional Chinese) – $11.25
The Meaning and Purpose of Prayer – $5.75
The Comford Abounds – CD – $11.00

The Precious Blood of Christ – $1.20

Serving in the Flows of the Age – $6.00