May 14, 2017 Announcements

5/15   The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Crystallization-Study of Ezekiel Vol. 2, Week 8 – The Rainbow – the Consummation of the Experience of the Christian Life and the Church Life.

5/17   Corporate prayer meeting at the hall, 8:00 pm.

5/21   Blending Meeting with Fairfax, Baptism of 6th Graders, and Love Feast – There will be blending meeting with the church in Fairfax and a love feast after the meeting. Each family please bring a main dish, enough to feed your family and 2-3 others. We also ask for the following services: Korean-speaking saints – receiving food, English/Spanish-speaking saints – serving food, and Chinese-speaking saints – cleaning up.

Video Training Registration – The video training in Dunn Loring will be from July 4-16. The registration fee is $105 and the registration deadline is June 4. Please sign up at the Service Office.

2017 International Memorial Day Conference (5/26-29) – The 2017 International Memorial Day Conference will be held in White Plains, New York from Friday, May 26 through Monday, May 29, 2017. Additional information is available at the Service Office. Please sign up at the Service Office if you plan on attending.

Giving to support the printing of Bibles for Europe – LSM has received more than $1 million in offerings for the printing of the New Testament Recovery Version in the European languages. An initial order will be placed for New Testaments in German, English, Spanish, and French. Additional printing will be done in the future as needed. Donations for this purpose can be given directly to LSM and designated “Printing Bibles for Europe.”

Giving for the UK Building Fund – There is a financial need for the purchase of Bower Farm, for the construction of new facilities at Bower House, Bower Farm, and Woodland Camp. If you are led by the Lord to contribute, you can designate your checks for “UK Building Fund”.

Giving to support the gospel work in Europe – Those that are led to give to support the gospel work in Europe can designate checks for “Gospel Work in Europe”.


Life-study of Romans, Vol. 1 (Messages 1-16) – $12.00 – Sign up and prepay at the bookroom

HWMR, Crystallization-Study of Ezekiel Vol. 2, is available for purchase: Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), English and Spanish versions are available at the book room. Korean-speaking saints can purchase in their respective location. Cost for this publication: $6.00

The History of the Church and the Local Churches – $8.25
New York City Young People CD’s – Overcome – $10.00
New York City Young People CD’s – I Am Coming Lord – $10.00


• Bible (Recovery Version with Footnotes): Matt. 6:1 – 8:22
• Life-study of Romans: Message 3
(The link to the study questions are available at: