May 19, 2013 Announcements

TODAY    The following small groups will be cleaning the hall after the meeting this morning: The Alexandria and Centreville/Manassas English-speaking and all Korean-speaking small groups.

The Next HWMR: The Experience, Growth, and Ministry of Life for the Body is now available for pickup. Cost of this publication is $7.00. English and Spanish can be picked up in the bookroom, Chinese and Korean can be picked up in their respective locations, saints in DC can pickup their books at the school.

5/20         The Holy Word for Morning Revival The Recovery of Christ as Everything in the Church, Week 5, Experiencing and Enjoying Christ as Everything in the Church as a Miniature of the New Jerusalem.

5/22         Prayer meeting in the homes, 8 pm.

5/26         Cleaning the hall after the Lord’s Day meeting: The Burke and Centreville Chinese-speaking and Springfield English-speaking small groups

International Memorial Day Conference Webcast in Dunn Loring – The International Memorial Day Conference will be webcast in Dunn Loring.  Please sign up at the Service Office if you plan on attending, so that we know how many outlines to prepare.  The schedule is as follows:

Message 1 – Sat, 5/25/13, 7 pm

Message 2 – LD, 5/26/13, 5 pm

Message 3 – LD, 5/26/13, 7 pm

Message 4 – Sat, 6/1/13, 7 pm

Message 5 – LD, 6/2/13, 5 pm

Message 6 – LD, 6/2/13, 7 pm

Bibles For America is offering a free two-book set of The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee and The Economy of God by Witness Lee We urge you to share the news of this free offer with those around you. Encourage them to go to to order their free set.  To support the carrying out of this burden, you can give online at  For more details, please see the bulletin board.

P.S.  Please remember that this free offer is for the public only so that we can give away as many as possible.  If you or other saints in the Lord’s recovery would like to have either of these books, you can purchase them at

Several updated reports on the Lord’s move in Europe and in Kiev, Ukraine, are now available for the saints’ encouragement – Two updated reports from Europe are posted on the bulletin board.  These reports are also available from the LME website at  In addition, a link to a video update regarding the construction of the meeting hall in Kiev is shown at



Hymns #1-1348 (Small, words only) – $20.00

New York City Young People’s CD – Into My Heart – $10.00

The Purpose of God’s Salvation (Chinese) – $8.00

Acerca de las reuniones en casa (Spanish) – $6.25

Service According to Revelation – $7.25