November 24, 2013 Announcements

TODAY   The following small groups will be cleaning the hall after the meeting this morning:
English: Springfield/Burke, and Chinese: Fairfax/GMU students/Burke. Groups scheduled for cleaning are asked to gather in the Young People’s room in the Fellowship Hall at 12:30 pm prior to cleaning each week.

11/25   The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Crystallization-Study of Genesis – Vol. 2, Week 12, A Seed of the Church Life and a Shadow of the Kingdom.

11/25   Life-study Reading Schedule – Life-study of Genesis, Messages 23 and 24.

11/27   Prayer Meeting in the homes, 7:45 pm.

12/01   Cleaning the hall after the Lord’s Day meeting:
English: Fairfax City (1) & Chinese: Centreville/Reston/Herndon.

12/08   The Lord’s table in the language groups will be on the 8th instead of the 1st for the month of December.

Winter Video Training Registration – The registration for the winter video training is reopened until Lords’ Day, December 8. Registration is $80 and the schedule is on the sign up form, which is available at the Service Office.

Gifts for Philippines Relief – A devastating typhoon struck the Philippines about a week ago, creating a state of disaster in the affected area. Please see the bulletin board for details on how to donate through LME or you can also designate your offerings to “Philippines Relief”. These funds will be used to help the churches and the saints that have been affected by this disaster.

Meeting Hall in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – There is a financial need for the meeting hall in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Please see the bulletin board for further details. You can designate your offerings for “Santo Domingo Meeting Hall”.

2013 International Thanksgiving Conference Webcast in Dunn Loring – The International Thanksgiving Conference will be webcast in Dunn Loring over two weekends. The schedule is as follows:

Friday, 11/29/13, 7:15 pm – Message 1
Saturday, 11/30/13, 5:30 pm – Message 2
Saturday, 11/30/13, 7:15 pm – Message 3
Lord’s Day, 12/01/13, 5:30 pm – Message 4
Saturday, 12/07/13, 7:15 pm – Message 5
Lord’s Day, 12/08/13, 5:30 pm – Message 6


The next HWMR – “Entering into the Fourth Stage of the Experience of Life to Arrive at a Full-Grown Man for the Fulfillment of God’s Purpose” is now available. English and Spanish can pick up at the bookroom, Chinese and Korean in their respective meeting locations. Saints in DC can pick up next week at the school. Cost for this publication is $8.00. We are encouraging the saints in Dunn Loring to pick up their books today.

Calendars – Calendars have arrived for those who have ordered and paid and can be picked up at the tape room.

The Ministry of the Word (Periodical) Vol. 17, #10 10/11/13 – The Triune God To Be Life To The Tripartite Man – $10.75
The Vision of the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – $6.50
New York City Young People CD 2013 – How Firm a Foundation – $11.00
Life-Study of Genesis (3 volume set) (Pocket-size Edition) – $40.00
Como Reunirnos (Spanish) – $11.50