Report from Gloria Kwong – 8/28/13

Dear saints,

Since coming back to the UK from my trip to the US, things have not slowed down a bit! I recently migrated with another sister to Cardiff, Wales and we will be having our first Lord’s table meeting next weekend, September 8. There are two families here currently and two more moving in the next few weeks. The small church life has been very sweet, and the Lord is really building us up as a vital group. Pray for the beginning of our new school semester, that the Lord would gain many new students as remaining fruit to be added to the church. We will also have a Bible distribution next weekend the day before the first table meeting. May the Lord draw many loving seekers!

In the past few weeks I also attended the Poland Young Peoples Conference and the university training at Bower House, which coincided with the pre-training week of the FTTL. I am so encouraged and impressed to see how the Lord is raising up the next generation to give themselves absolutely to the Lord for His testimony to end this age. I feel so privileged and blessed to be witness to and to take part in it.

Last weekend we had a conference in Nottingham with Brother Ron on Living the life of a God-man in the corporate new man for the fulfillment of God’s purpose. I really enjoyed that the Lord wants to recover our eating. We eat Jesus and we live because of Him (John 6:57). By eating Him will express Him and fulfill His purpose in creating us in His image to express Him and in giving man dominion to represent Him with His authority. This is a matter related to His kingdom and our reigning in life. Romans 5:10 and 5:17 became so fresh and new to me related to how we can reign in life. It’s through this much more salvation that we can experience everyday simply by receiving the abundance of grace. Every morning in a simple way we can ask the Lord for our daily portion/supply of grace. In all our situations, we may feel we can’t be it, do it, take it or make it, but He can! He wants to fill us with Himself and be grace to us.

Thank you for your continued support and prayer, I’m standing with you all in all your daily situations. May the Lord continue to grow in us day by day to gain the corporate new man. Abundance of grace to you all!