September 10, 2023 Announcements

9/10 – Lord’s Table and Prophesying Meetings in Language Groups

9/11 – The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Knowing, Experiencing, and Living the All-inclusive Christ for the Genuine Church Life, Week 4 – Taking Christ as Our Living for His Magnification and Dealing with the Self for Our Oneness in the Divine Glory in the Genuine Church Life.

9/13 – Prayer Meeting, 8:00 PM – English-speaking will meet in person at the Fellowship Hall (Zoom will be available). All other languages will meet over Zoom.

9/17 – No Lord’s Day Meetings in Dunn Loring – Due to the Fall Mid-Atlantic Blending Conference in Philadelphia, there will not be any Lord’s Day Meetings in Dunn Loring.

9/23 – Corporate Morning Revival and Work Day – We will gather at 9:00 AM for a light breakfast, followed by corporate morning revival and a work day.

2023 Fall Mid-Atlantic Blending Conference – The 2023 Fall Mid-Atlantic Blending Conference, to be held in Philadelphia, PA on September 16 – September 17, 2023. Please note, there has been an update to the schedule and there will no longer be a special fellowship in the afternoon. There will also be a live stream of the messages. Please refer to the email sent this morning for the updated schedule and live stream link.

2023 Fall Young People’s Conference – The 2023 Fall Young People’s Conference will be held from September 29 – October 1, 2023, at Skycroft Conference Center in Middletown, MD. The registration deadline is TODAY, Lord’s Day, September 10, 2023. The registration form and further details are on the conference webpage:

Offerings – Details for how to give offerings (electronically or by check) can be found at:


  • Steal Me Away (NYCYPCD) – $12
  • Oh, Hope of Glory, Our Christ Will Return (Music CD) – $15