September 14, 2014 Announcements

TODAY   The following small groups will be cleaning the hall after the meeting this morning:
English: Springfield/Burke; Chinese: Fairfax/GMU Student/Burke; Spanish: Maryland.
Please meet in the main meeting hall at 12:15 pm prior to cleaning.

09/15   The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Crystallization-Study of Genesis, Volume 5 – Week 29: The Birthright.

09/15   Life-study Reading Schedule – Life-study of Genesis, Messages 107 and 108.

09/17   Corporate Prayer Meetings at the hall, 7:45 pm.

09/21   Cleaning the hall after the Lord’s Day meeting:
English: Fairfax City (1); Chinese: Centreville/Reston/Herndon; Spanish: Virginia.

09/27   Gospel Truth Forum for new Chinese students of GMU/GTU/GWU at the hall (5 – 8 PM) – Please pray for the rich blessing of the Lord and a fruitful harvest this time.

2014   Mid-Atlantic Labor Day Conference Audio Messages – are available on our website at  A fifth message was added, “A New Cloth, New Garment, New Wine, New Wineskin,” which was a special fellowship Brother Minoru gave in Virginia Beach on September 2.

2015   International Chinese-Speaking Conference in Taipei (2/21-22) – Deadline to register is November 30, 2014. The brothers encourage all local saints to go blend with saints all over the earth.  Church visitation trips can be arranged either before (2/17-20) or after (2/23-26) the conference.  Please see more details and sign up at the Service Office.

Bulletin Board – Please see the bulletin board for details concerning:
• Bob and Mary Little’s new corrected address in Arlington, TX.
• International Blending Conference in Antigua, West Indies: October 31 – November 2, 2014 (deadline to register is October 12, 2014)
• 2015 International Chinese-speaking Conference in Taipei, Taiwan: February 21-22, 2015 (deadline to register is November 30, 2014)


Sign up form is available for the next HWMR, Crystallization-Study of Genesis, Vol. 6, 2014 Summer Training. Please make any changes or updates to your information through a serving one in the bookroom or online at Deadline is Sept. 21, 2014.

2015 Gospel Calendar – (size 13 5/8in.x30 5/8in) in order to get the discount $7.00 each, deadline for placing the order will be October 26, 2014.  Please sign up and pre-paid at the book room.

Messages Given to the Working Saints – $6.50
DC Area Song Books – $8.00
The Ministry of Word – Crystallization-Study of Genesis (available in English, Korean, or Chinese) – $12.00
Christ as the Reality – $11.50
Economia de Dias y et misterio de la transmision de la Trinidad Divina, La (Spanish) – $9.25
Conclusion del Nuevo Testamento, La (Mensajes -114-134) (Spanish) – $11.00