September 25, 2011 Announcements


9/26 The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Crystallization-Study of the Psalms, Week 4, The God-man Who Satisfies God’s Desire and Fulfills His Good Pleasure

9/28 Prayer meetings in the homes, 8 pm.

10/1 Saturday Morning Service – Cleaning, Gardening and Maintenance: Service Group A (Districts 1 & 2, last names A-H).  Please meet at 9:30 a.m. for corporate prayer and fellowship before cleaning the hall.  Please note that all saints are welcome to come each Saturday.

Financial Report:  The financial report for the month of August is posted on the bulletin board.

Playground – Please note that there is currently a gap between the sound barrier walls surrounding the playground next to the fellowship house. While VDOT has promised to construct a barrier to seal the gap in the near future, we are asking parents of young children to please be aware of such a gap and supervise your children when they play in the playground after the meetings.


Additional Copies of HWMR – The Crystallization-Study of The Psalms, Vol.1 are available for sale.
Sign up and Pre-pay for the 2012 Gospel Calendar – $7.00 (Deadline is November 1, 2011)
God’s Need and God’s Goal – $6.00
Ejercicio de nuestro espiritu, EL (Span) – $5.76
Knowing and Experiencing God as Life (Traditional Chinese) – $9.25