August 9, 2020 Announcements

8/10         The Holy Word for Morning Revival – A Timely Word Concerning the World Situation and the Lord’s Recovery, Week 6 – The Preparation of the Bride.

8/12         Remote Prayer Meeting by Small Groups, 8:00 PM

9/4-9/6     Mid-Atlantic Labor Day Conference – The Labor Day conference will be held online via Zoom, on September 4-6, 2020. Brother James Lee will be joining us. Translation into Chinese, Korean, and Spanish will be provided for the 4 messages. The Zoom meeting information will be sent out prior to the conference. The meeting schedule is as follows:

Message 1 – Friday, 9/4, 7:30 PM

Message 2 – Saturday, 9/5, 10:30 AM

Special Fellowship – Saturday, 9/5, 4:00 PM

Message 3 – Saturday, 9/5, 7:30 PM

Lord’s Table – Lord’s Day, 9/6, by locality

Message 4 – Lord’s Day, 9/6, 10:30 AM

Online Remote Meetings – Please visit: for details on how to access remote meeting information for Lord’s Day meetings, prayer meetings, and small group meetings.

Offerings –Details for how to give offerings (electronically or by check) can be found at:


Life-study of Colossians –The Life-study we are covering for the church corporate reading is the Life-study of Colossians. Electronic copies can be purchased in your device’s respective app/book stores. Physical copies can be purchased from