December 4, 2022 Announcements

TODAY – Corporate Lord’s Day Meetings – All languages will meet together for the Lord’s Table and Prophesying Meeting.

12/5 – The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Crystallization-study of 1 and 2 Kings, Vol. 02, Week 7 – The Intrinsic Significance of the Materials of the Temple.

12/7 – Corporate Prayer Meeting, 8:00 PM – All languages will meet in person at the Fellowship Hall at 8 PM for the corporate prayer meeting. Zoom will not be available.

12/11 – Lord’s Day Meetings in Language Groups – We will meet in language groups for the Lord’s Table and Prophesying Meetings.

12/17 – Corporate Morning Revival and Work Day, 9:30 AM – All saints are encouraged to join us and enjoy the Lord together for corporate morning revival at 9:30 am. We will have a Work Day starting at around 10 am. Please bring your leaf blower, rake, gloves, and exercised spirit. There will be a light breakfast at 9 am and lunch at noon.

Offerings – Details for how to give offerings (electronically or by check) can be found at:


  • HWMR: Crystallization-study of 1 & 2 Kings, Vol. 2, (July 2022 Semiannual Training) – $7
  • 2023 Gospel Calendar is ready for pick-up – $12/copy


  • Pray-Reading the Word – $1.75
  • A Simple Way to Touch the Lord- $1.75
  • New York City Young People CD Song Tape: Title: Watch, Be Ready! – $13 per copy