FTTA Greetings from Alydia Davis

Dear Beloved Saints,

This is my third term in the full time training and the Lord is becoming nearer and dearer to me each day!!! I want to give you an update on how my third term is going and on how much more I appreciating the Lord.  This term I switched to a campus team and I am now serving in Huntington Beach at Orange Coast College. Every day I have served on the campus has been a great day. I can not wait to get to campus to be with the students, serving ones, and the saints.  I have enjoying so much laboring on the campus to bring each student we are in touch with to the Lord.  Our students really love the Lord and they are being connected to one another and the saints every day.  I just appreciate seeing that the God –ordained way is being worked out little by little in the church in Huntington Beach. It is amazing to watch the Lord work.  The OCC team is full of praises!

The Lord has also burdened me for this matter of preaching the gospel.  Preaching the gospel has never been so fun. Each time my gospel partner and I go to preach the gospel the Lord is with us.  Sometimes we are so filled in spirit by the time we are done we are beside ourselves! I was touched by the Lord that every day I need to speak about Him to someone else. He is my treasure and I want everyone else to have Him as their treasure too! The Lord is so sweet.  The more I speak about Him the more I can’t but help love Him!  I am so happy I am redeeming the time to preach the gospel. This has really been a highlight of my time in the training.  When I was in school I never knew preaching the gospel was this enjoyable, but I thank the Lord He has told me to “Go” because each time I go I receive more Christ and more God is dispensed into me.  Praise the Lord!

I hope all of you are doing well. I think about you all often because the Lord has written you on my heart! I miss you all dearly and you are in my prayers.  I have much more to share with you all and I will continue to write to you.  Please do email the trainees your prayer burdens. We pray for you every week so we love to get updates to hear how you all are doing. May you all continue to enjoy our precious Lord Jesus and kiss Him every day many times a day! He is the most lovely and beautiful One, nothing compares to Him! Much grace to you all.

In Christ love,

Alydia =D