January 4, 2015 Announcements

TODAY   The following small groups will be cleaning the hall after the meeting this morning:
English: Springfield/Burke; Chinese-speaking: Fairfax/GMU student/Burke; Spanish: Maryland. Please meet in the main meeting hall at 12:15 pm prior to cleaning.

TODAY   Video Training Open Meetings – Message #11 and #12 on Lord’s day, 1/4 will be open meetings. All saints are encouraged to attend. As this is a training, all need to arrive at the meeting hall and be seated before 4:25 pm and/or before 6:55 pm. Please, bring a sack dinner if you plan to attend both meetings.

1/5     The Holy Word for Morning Revival – The Vision, Practice, and Building Up of the Church as the Body of Christ – Week 1: God’s Purpose for the Church (1) – To Have the Divine Sonship in Full through Sanctification for the Corporate Expression of God.

1/5     Life-study Reading Schedule – Life-study of Exodus, Messages 17 and 18.

1/7     Prayer Meetings in the homes, 7:45 pm.

1/11   Cleaning the hall after the Lord’s Day meeting:
English: Fairfax City (1); Chinese-speaking: Centreville/Reston/Herndon; Spanish: Virginia

7/12-18 2015 National College Training (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) – The subject for this time is “God’s Age-Turners.” Online registration is now open at www.collegetraining.org. Copies of the Invitation Letter with additional details are also available at the Service Office.

Audio Messages from the conference on “Raising the Next Generation for the Church Life” are now available on our website: https://churchindunnloring.org/audio

Ministry of the Word for Exodus (1) Winter Training 2014, please sign up at the book room.

I’ve Found the one of Peerless Worth (Music CD) – $15.00
Hymns #1-1348 (Large words only) – $25.00
Conclusion del Nuevo Testamento, La (Mensajes 172-188) (Spanish) – $9.00
Conclusion del Nuevo Testamento, La (Mensajes 189-204) (Spanish) – $8.25
Mensajes dados a los santos que trabajan (Spanish) – $7.25
Manejo de la iglesia por parte de los ancianos, El (Spanish) – $11.00