November 01, 2015 Announcements

TODAY   Lost and Found – All saints are welcome to take any items left in the lost and found (including hymnals and Bibles) on the table in the back of the meeting hall. Any items left after today will be thrown away.

11/02   The Holy Word for Morning Revival – The Need for a New Revival – Week 1: Reaching the Highest Peak of the Divine Revelation (1) The Vision of the Age.

11/02   Life-study Reading Schedule – Life-study of Exodus, Messages 103 and 104.

11/04   Prayer Meeting in the homes, 7:45 pm.

11/07   Corporate Morning Revival – All saints are encouraged to enjoy the Lord together for corporate morning revival at the meeting hall at 9:30 am. All saints are also welcome to stay and clean afterwards, along with saints that have last names beginning with Pe-Z.

11/14   Fall Work Day at the Meeting Hall – We will have a work day Saturday starting after the 9:30 am corporate morning revival time. Please bring your rakes, leaf blowers, work gloves, and exercised spirits. Please come for however much time you are able.

HWMR for Israel – If you would like to donate your HWMR copy to the saints in Israel, please leave it in the box at the Service Office.

Need Help Moving – Brother Solomon Reed will need help moving on Saturday, November 21 at 9:00 am. Save the date for those who can help.

2015 Winter Video Training – The winter video training in Dunn Loring will be from 12/25/15 – 01/03/16. The registration fee is $80 (includes outline) and the registration deadline is 11/29/15.  Further details and registration forms are available at the Service Office.

2015 International Thanksgiving Conference – The conference will be in Jacksonville, FL at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville-Riverfront hotel from November 26-29, 2015. Additional details are available on the bulletin board and at the Service Office. Please sign up at the Service Office if you are planning on attending.


The Next HWMR – The Need for a New Revival, is now available for purchase. English and Spanish versions available at the bookroom; Chinese and Korean saints can purchase in their respective meeting locations; Cost for this publication is $6.00.

Oh, What a Life! (Music CD) – $15.00
The Propagation of the Gospel and the Administration of the Church – $9.00
The Speciality, Generality, and Practicality of the Church Life – $7.25
The Name of Jesus is Our Stand (Music CD) – $15.00
Hymns #1-1348 (Small, words only) – $20.00