Report from Gloria Kwong – 04/01/13

Before going to the Full-Time Training Extension in Boston I had a personal burden regarding the Lord’s move to Europe and an openness to be sent out by the Lord. It was in Boston, however, that I experienced that personal burden becoming a corporate burden borne and realized in and through the Body. Every week in our times to pray concerning Europe and its situations plus all the increased fellowship with the saints in Europe gave me the feeling that I was already going there in a sense. Then, when there was some feeling to migrate, but there were obstacles, the prayer and fellowship really strengthened and encouraged me to seek the Lord in my personal time with Him and in my time with the saints. That process really even kept the burden and vision fresh to me as I began to serve in London, realizing that my being here is in and for the Body of Christ.

I arrived just after the Olympics had finished and we were transitioning into a stage of following up with the Bible recipients open for further contact. The first week I arrived I received a call from a local sister asking me to meet a Bible recipient and long-time Radio listener who wanted to attend one of the Full-Time Training meetings at Bower House. This contact had met a visiting saint helping out with the distribution a week prior to my arrival, but that saint had returned to her home country. I had the opportunity to meet her two or three times at a bus stop and fellowship with her on our walk to Bower House. She testified that she was experiencing the riches in the ministry of the age and seeing something further concerning the Lord’s move today. Not soon long after our first meeting she told me she was fasting in prayer and seeking the Lord concerning where she should meet and taking this way. A few days later she came to the Lord’s table meeting and said, “I am here to stay.” Now she is helping to visit and take care of other Bible recipients and seeking ones in the community. It is so encouraging to see the Lord gain building members for His testimony here in Europe.

One family we visited had requested a Bible study for the children in their home. The humanity of the parents and the children was so preserved and we could sense that the ground of their hearts had been tilled by the Lord to receive Him as the kingdom seed. Even at a young age they were seeking and desired to experience salvation by calling on the name of the Lord.

Serving at Bower House gives us the opportunity to labor in many different areas including the community, campus and young people. I had the opportunity to serve at the Winter School of Truth held at Bower House in London. We studied and practiced speaking the high truths to one another, participating in practical service and going into the town center to distribute free Bibles and preach the gospel. We are seeing the labor with the children and young people continue to bear fruit in our interaction with the university students and some of the FTTL trainees who received shepherding care as young persons. The Lord is continuing to raise up the next generation to gain them as age-turners who could hasten His return.

Although we are very busy outwardly contacting people and carrying out other practical services, I don’t feel like I’m here doing so much, but I’m simply learning to coordinate and labor in spirit with all the members while allowing the Lord to work Himself into me in all my circumstances and environment. Being here in Europe has not been easy, but I still feel that it is such a privilege untold to be here in the Lord’s move. We hope many more who have a burden could come to Europe. May the Lord continue to gain His expression in Europe through His increase in and through us.