Report from Gloria Kwong – 8/28/13

Dear saints, Since coming back to the UK from my trip to the US, things have not slowed down a bit! I recently migrated with another sister to Cardiff, Wales and we will be having our first Lord’s table meeting next weekend, September 8. There are two families here currently and two more moving in Read More

Report From Gloria Kwong – 05/28/13

Hi everyone! This past month we hosted the One Week Trainings at Bower House. This time was so precious and profitable with many believers from all over Europe coming together for one week to enjoy and pursue the Lord together under the healthy speaking of the ministry. Many were completely new to the ministry and Read More

Report from Gloria Kwong – 04/01/13

Before going to the Full-Time Training Extension in Boston I had a personal burden regarding the Lord’s move to Europe and an openness to be sent out by the Lord. It was in Boston, however, that I experienced that personal burden becoming a corporate burden borne and realized in and through the Body. Every week Read More

Report from Rachel Birk

First, I would like to thank you all for your prayers and support for the past 2 years.  The Lord has gained much and is continuing to gain more of my being.  The training has been such a blessing and privilege.  I feel that the Lord has had a way to really change my life for Read More

Report from Alydia Davis

Dear Beloved Saints, Grace and peace to you from our precious Lord Jesus Christ. Please forgive me for writing this email so late. I am just sending it now because I have been working on it the whole term. I’m not sure why it has take me this long sorry for the delay. I just Read More

Europe Gospel Trip Report from Gloria Kwong

Dear saints, Greetings from the saints in Spain! I had the opportunity and privilege to blend with the saints there while participating in the Europe gospel trip a few weeks ago. The trainees gathered in London at Bower House where the FTTL takes place for a 2-day orientation before the teams dispersed to eight different Read More

FTTA-XB Greetings from Gloria Kwong

Hi beloved saints! 🙂 I’m sorry I didn’t have many of you on my mailing list last term so this might be the first update you’re receiving, and I’m still missing a lot of people so feel free to forward to any other saints. We started our term (my last term, again) on Monday finishing Read More

Report of the Gospel Forum in Dunn Loring – God is Real by Peter

As a newly baptized Christian, I am greatly encouraged by the gospel meetings with Chinese students and visiting scholars held in Dunn Loring on November 19and in Gaithersburg on November 20. The wonderful testimonies truly revealed to me God’s intention and move on earth. Saints worked together in one Body under the same headship of Read More

Report of the Gospel Forum in Dunn Loring – By Carol & Kimmy

The “Open Homes to Gain Young Ones” series of messages given in the New Jersey training in July were very encouraging to the saints in the DC metropolitan area. On the afternoon of Saturday, November 19th, the first gospel forum, which we had looked forward to and had been praying constantly for, was finally here. Read More